a networking group for founders and CEOs
of construction technology start-ups

C-Tech Club Partners

Our Members

We are a global, not-for-profit group made up of those working independently to lead the technology revolution in construction.

We are an open forum for discussion about market trends, new projects and opportunities. We share information and ideas on funding and clients. We encourage collaboration and co-operation between members.

We meet once a month, via Zoom, and have high-profile guest speakers. We host a communication group to make it easier for members to keep in touch.

The group is only open to founders and CEOs of start-ups working in the built environment.

Past and future speakers

28th September 2020
Jonathan Ingram, the ‘father’ of BIM
26th October 2020
Jeevan Kalanithi, CEO of OpenSpace.ai
25th January 2021
Jesse Devitte and Allen Preger, Partners at Building Ventures
22nd February 2021
Rob Otani, Chief Technology Officer at Thornton Thomasetti
22nd March 2021
Håvard Haukeland, Founder and CEO of Spacemaker.ai
26th April 2021
Geoff Roberts, Director, Industry Strategy at Oracle
24th May 2021
Anthony Hauck, Founder and COO at Hypar
28th June 2021
Matt Evans, Chief Technology Officer at TopHat
26th July 2021
Patric Hellermann, General Partner at Foundamental
27th September 2021
Dev Amratia, Founder and CEO at nPlan
19th October 2021
Leigh Jasper, Founder of Aconex
31st January 2022
Jon Chesser, Chief Revenue Officer at Atlas RFID Solutions
28th February 2022
Raymond Levitt, Operating Partner at Blackhorn Ventures
28th March 2022
Adam Beck, Executive Director Smart Cities Council Australia
25th April 2022
Gonzalo Galindo, President of CEMEX Ventures
23rd May 2022
Jan Tore (JT) Grindheim. CEO and Founder of Fonn
27th June 2022
Zach Scheel, CEO and Founder at Rhumbix
25th July 2022
Juan Nietro & Mauricio Weiss from Zacua Ventures
26th September 2022
Julian Kezelman, Program Director Taronga Ventures
31st October 2022
Alice Leung, Vice President Brick & Mortar Ventures
28th November 2022
Scott Ellison – Investor and ConTech expert
30th January 2023
Tanja Kufner – Head of Ventures and Startups at Nemetschek
27th February 2023
Johannes Paefgen and Oliver Glockner from Hilti International
27th March 2023
Ramy Fam and Eduardo Gomez, CRH Ventures
C-Tech Club meetings have two rules:
1. They are on a Chatham House basis (no comments may be attributed to individuals)
2. No selling (we are there to build relationships, not to sell)

To find out more, please email: info@c-techclub.org