The C-Tech Club is a global community of more than 386 founders and CEOs of construction technology start-ups. It is a global, not-for-profit group spanning 32 countries. We are here to help founders succeed and support the development and use of technology.

The community grows largely through recommendations and referrals – always keeping true to the spirit of a ‘by-founders-for-founders’ group.


The C-Tech Club was created and is run by Priestland Consulting with the aim of supporting founders and others who are helping to tackle some of the largest challenges in design and construction.

The group is only open to founders and CEOs of start-ups working in the built environment.


C-Tech Club meetings have two rules:
1. They are on a Chatham House basis (no comments may be attributed to individuals)
2. No selling (we are there to build relationships, not to sell)